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Our office is located in Juanita/Kirkland, next to Michael's Store. 

Driving North on 405. Take Exit 20A (NE 116th Street). At the Stop Light make a left on NE 116th Street. Go straight for 1.1 miles to 100 Avenue NE. Immediately after you cross 100th Avenue NE (through stop lights), stay on the left side of the road; enter the middle lane and prepare to make a left into the parking lot of "Weidner" building (you'll see the name on top of the building even before you approach the intersection with 100 Avenue NE). Park in front of the building or drive around and park in the garage below. Parking is free. If you park in front of the building then immediately after you enter, the first door on the right hand side is "Juanita Bay Office Center." Our office is located inside there. If you parked in the garage below, then take the elevator to the Main Floor and "Juanita Bay Office Center" is the first door on the left.

Driving South on 405. Take Exit 20. Make a right at the Stop Light on NE 124th Street. Go for 1.1 miles and then make a left on 100 Avenue NE.